The different photo models

At Marabooth, we offer an experience of photobooth rental unique in its kind. In addition to our standard non-customizable photo template offering, we also offer two customization options to meet our customers' needs.

Our basic personalization package is available for an additional 50$, which allows our customers to replace our logo with their own and add a date and/or event name. This ensures that the printed photos are truly a personalized memento of their special event.

For those who really want to stand out, we also offer a full customization offer at 150$. With this option, our clients can work with our graphic designer to create a unique custom photo template in their company colors. Our graphic designer will be in direct contact with the client to ensure that the final template is exactly what they are looking for. There is no limit to the number of exchanges needed to ensure an optimal final result.

We are proud to offer these customization options to our customers so they can truly personalize their photobooth rental experience. Contact us today to discuss the creation of a custom photo model for your next event.


Model Marabooth

Free of charge. Standard model, with the Marabooth logo.


For $50You keep the background of the standard template, and you can add your logo, a text and the date of your event.


For $150You have a complete customization made by our graphic designer.

Example of a fully customized model

Our graphic designer will create 100% templates customized to your image. You have the right to as many modifications as you wish.

Example of a simple customization template

For 50$, we customize your template using our free template as a base. We add your logo and/or your date and event name.

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